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Rosemary Topiaries

I’ve got topiaries on the brain as of late.  They are just so charming and artful. Althouth I imagine it’s not too easy to force a live plant into a certain shape and then maintain it.  I don’t know about your plants, but mine… well, they’ve got minds of their own!

Since it’s going to get chilly in the Twin Cities soon, I decided to get my rosemary out of the ground today. And, I thought it the perfect time to try and make a few topiaries out of my unruly rosemary.

The plan is to create Christmas trees topiaries. I trimmed the bottoms of these sprigs and put them into moist soil. I’ll keep them moist, hope for the best and trim and snip until Christmas time. With any luck, I’ll have 5 sweet smelling herbal gifts that resemble mini Christmas trees.

Luck… I think I’m going to need it. Wish me some, won’t you! Or better yet, offer any advice if you have it! Thanks.

Happy Sunday!

September 12, 2010 at 7:57 pm 6 comments

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