Harvesting Thyme and Mint

June 28, 2009 at 7:53 pm 1 comment

Sorry for the lack of posts… but I do believe that if one has nothing to say, one should keep that to themselves! But, actually that’s not entirely true…

I’ve been screaming, shouting from the mountain top or at least the rooftop… it’s those pesky, dirty rotten, evil rodent rabbits that are living off the fat of my garden.   I’ve been doing my best yet I haven’t conceded to my furry foes yet!  If you happen to be my neighbor {sorry Ginny} and bear witness to my crazy antics of running… chasing hither and thither please stand up for me at the committal hearing.   “She wasn’t crazy… really… just annoyed out of her herb-pickin mind.

So, what they haven’t snacked on… I harvested today.  Mint and Creeping Thyme.  Should I have more to harvest so far in the season?

I have LOTS of evening primrose blooms.  Can I do something with them?  I haven’t so far gotten any good info on those yet.  I’d like to make a tea but it seems all I read about is the oil… hmm.   anyone?


Entry filed under: Culinary Herbs, Herb Teas.

She Who Loves to Weed Happy 4th of July!

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